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Gulf Coast Oil Catastrophe

ocean waves

Today is May 28, 2010.  It has now been 38 days since this monstrosity began.  The depth of my soul is aching for the animals, and people affected by this around the world.  Our nation is feeling the brunt of this, but other countries will feel it too.  I am so disappointed in the reaction and response all those in command have shown.  Many have stepped up to the plate and proven to be leaders, but the so called cream of the crop are not doing what needs to be done.  This is something that should be a top priority, not number 2 or 47.  Every minute, more animals and whole areas in the gulf are dying.  The cost of this to our world is unfathomable.  It hurts me to see the pictures of the damage it is doing and has already done.  Please contact your representatives and tell them you want them to place this issue as a top priority.  It must be done, as our economy will only get worse as each day goes by, and more damage is done.  I can't even imagine what the end result will be to our fishing industry.  Louisiana is virtually shut down, and it looks like that is just the beginning.   By the way, at the least level of oil spewing into the Gulf, we have contaminated 3% of our waters.  At the next highest level of oil spewing per day, we have now contaminated 25% of the Gulf waters.  That's dead waters, which are too toxic for anything to live.

Some PICTURES of the devastation.  They will make you cry.

There is a solution!! Help us spread the word, and CLEAN this mess up.

Another VIDEO on finally some government response.

On May 26th, LA Rep. Scalise Screams "We're Tired of the Excuses"

A little late, but better than never:  "BP's top official, who had previously said the environmental impact on the Gulf of Mexico would be modest, upgraded his assessment Friday to an "environmental catastrophe" during an interview with American Morning's John Roberts".  Watch HERE


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"THEY" Call This A Spill?

Why Are We Making A Bad Situation Worse By Unfathomable Proportions?

Part II Of A Bad Situation

BP Refuses E.P.A. Order To Use Less Toxic Dispersant

What can one person do?  Put pressure on the government to take the lead on the oversight of this tragedy.  WE THE PEOPLE of America will be gravely affected by this catastophe, so we must do all we can to stop the killing of our gulf waters, all the wildlife, our coastlines, and our people.  Our country, our people, our wildlife, and our economy all depend on us doing the right thing.  Call, email, or fax your district leaders and governor and demand thier support.  We put them in office, and we can take them out at the next election.It is time for them to step up to the plate and do the job they were entrusted to do.  

Just who is BP?  This report will set you on fire.  

Clean Up Volunteers And Workers Are Reaping The Health Consequences, or are they...

HowTo Help With The Gulf Tragedy From Afar

To Help Children and Families Affected by The Gulf Oil Catastrophe GO HERE

To Help the Wildlife Affected By The Gulf Oil Catastrophe See What Is Needed HERE

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