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Gulf Coast Oil Catastrophe

ocean waves

Today is July 9, 2010.  It has now been 80 days since this monstrosity began.  The depth of my soul is still aching for the animals, and people affected by this around the world.  Never did I imagine that I would be writing about this tragedy on the 80th day as if it was just the beginning, only the efforts to stop it dring these 80 days has made the suffering of our wildlife, and people much more deadly.  I am still so disappointed in the reaction and response all those in command have shown.  We have people scorning the white house for not getting as many skimmers on the Gulf as possible, others furious and scared about the chemicals that have been dumped into the gulf besides the toxic oil we are trying to stop,  and now we are worried for the workers that not just offered to help with the clean up, but for lack of another job, HAVE to help with the clean up.  The questions we all have are .....

WHY were the skimmers not commissioned immediately?  Really.  What possible reason could there be for not getting that and any other equipment down here to remove and hence SAVE as much oil and wildlife as possible?  I would love a straight answer from the President himself.  Like that will happen.

WHY did BP pour millions of gallons of corexit into the gulf, knowing its toxicity to wildlife, and people? When the EPA asked them to stop, they ignored them.  Obviously what we want doesn't matter or why are they still pouring it in?    Are you serious???  Since when should our country ask a corporation to please stop killing our ecological system and all the people of this country along the gulf?  It just seems to me that a President with WE THE PEOPLE and our NATION as his sworn duty to lead and protect, would have put the Navy out in the gulf overseeing, and if need be enforcing what BP is doing.  Many have stepped up to the plate and proven to be leaders, but the so called cream of the crop are not doing what needs to be done.  I had to say that sentence again.  Unfortunately, so is everyone else in the country that cares about WE THE PEOPLE, this NATION, and our CONSTITUTION.  Our gulf, which affects our ecological system, our food chain, our people, other nations, our economy, and all in a very huge way considering 4 billion dollars of seafood come out of that gulf every year is OBVIOUSLY something that should be a top priority, not committing our military to another war in another foreign country.  THIS IS OUR WAR!!!!!  This is our war to save our country.  
Every minute, more animals and whole areas in the gulf are dying, more clean up workers are getting sick, more people along the gulf are being poisoned just breathing the air, more crops are receiving acid rain from the chemicals in the gulf, and the devastation is growing larger right before our eyes.  Is anybody watching?

The cost of this to our world is not only unfathomable it will be felt for 30, 40 or more years.  Look at our previously largest oil spill from the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.  It has been over 20 years, and the area is still dead, and toxic, and most of the workers on it had died within 10 years of the spill.  Why doesn't our leader know this?  He can't possibly, or he would make have made some serious changes already. Or, does he just not care?  I really don't know.  I just know how deeply this is scarring my soul, as I am sure it is scarring many many others who are aware of what is going on.  I literally cry for the people, animals, and our nation as I watch this tragedy progress, and it appears it will be getting a lot worse before it even begins to get any better.  I know it is hard to imagine how much worse it could get, but it is deadly true.  

On page two I asked everyone to please contact your representatives and tell them you want them to place this issue as a top priority.  Well, our real leaders amongst us did just that, and our real leading representatives did speak out, but the top so called leader stood by, spouted rhetoric and still did nothing. As a matter of fact, he did do one thing, he along with BP decided to restrict the media's access to the tragedy so WE THE PEOPLE could stay informed as to what was really going on.  Why would he do that?  Oh, to cover up what he is NOT doing for our nation?  To make sure that we don't realize that each passing day is another nail in the coffins of people, wildlife, and the survival of our nation?  I think we need to demand that our LEADER must live down here on the Gulf for the rest of his days in office. Let's see if then he gets something positive done.  

Right now, 33% of the Gulf is closed to fishing.  That does not mean that is only where the oil is.  You can see from this map, as of 7/8/10 the area inside the red lines is closed to fishing, yet, all along the coastlines we have seen oil.  
map of closed fishing 070810
This map shows the through June 28th, the size of the oil slick and compares it to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.
gulf and AK oil spill compare map
All I can say to this is WOW!! and Oh MY GOD we need help.

I truly am at a loss for what to do.  I help all I can, living in the poisonous air, and I put this up on the internet hoping many people will see it, and then put pressure on our President to actually step up ON the plate and do what needs to be done.  I have called Florida's governor, the coast guard captain, the EPA, the task force Florida State put in charge of this "spill" (what an inappropriate term that is), our state representatives.  I have emailed others who have offered assistance, and I pray.  Please join me in my efforts to save as much of the gulf and our people and country as we can.  Look at all the information below, and elsewhere on the internet.  Arm yourself with knowledge, and then go to work. Share the knowledge you have, show them this link, do whatever you can to help corrrect this wrong.

It isn't hard to see what needs to happen, we all see it, and we just want the people who are supposed to be our leaders, do what they need to do.  We can all see that BP needs to be watched like a flea on a hound to ensure they do what is right for US, the GULF, and our NATION.  No one else is going to. We must.  This catastophic tragedy will affect every state and people of our nation.  We must all take position to make this better.  Please do whatever you can.  A simple email, a call, a prayer.  Thank you so much.

What has BP done poisoning our water even more with Corexit?  Watch this

More truths about poisoning our Gulf.

The Truth About The GULF of MEXICO Dead Zone.

"Stuck on Stupid"

Russia Today reports evidence of airborne contaminents, and EPA is downgrading the figures.  Your just have to ask, WHY????

Dying dolphins and whales swimming though the oil "spill"  Warning, this will make you cry.

Just another doctor with a lot of knowledge on toxins.

Sea Shepard CEO, Steve Roest, flies at an undisclosed altitude to examine the situation in the Gulf. Watch as he narrates his account.  BP is shameful, and needs to be executed from leading this tragedy to a remedy.

Now, have you wondered what is happening underneath the ocean floor, where this oil is coming from? What is causing the force pushing this oil out?  BP doesn't have to pump it, the oil gushes out all on its own.  In fact the force is 100,000 lbs per square inch.  WHOOA.  This is in comparison to what the oil drillers normally see at 4,650 psi for a 10,000 foot well, and even at 16,000 feet the psi would only be 7,440.  What were they thinking?  Let's see if defective equipment will still work?  You will notice this video was done on June 19th, and Dr. Deagle states the corext disbursed was 800,000 to 1,000,000 gallons, where right now it is stated that 1,700,000 gallons have been disbursed.  Is that the truth?  We don't know, it could be a lot more than that.

What happens or can happen when you tap into this resvoir of oil more than 22,000 feet below the ocean floor? What idiots made the decisions here?  How can, should, and will we hold them accountable for murder?

What happens when the earth is breached by nature or man?  

The oil well gushing has been stopped!! At least right now and what we can see, or be allowed to see.

So what other possibilities do we have, or what will they do, when this oil cap fails?

Why would BP not want the clean up crews to be safe?  Why are the Feds silent?

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