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Gulf Coast Oil Catastrophe

ocean waves

Am I missing something here?  Are we stupid?  Why is BP not using this?  Why is our government not forcing this solution?  I am shocked, appalled, and sick.  Literally.  I live down here, and the toxic air is making me sick.  WE THE PEOPLE need to insist things change immediately.  Please tweet this, share this on facebook, do all you can do to spread the word so we can force our government to start caring about our people, environment, nation, and world.  The more people that know about this, the more will scream for change.  No, not the change Obama said, that doesn't seem to be working too good.  I mean change WE THE PEOPLE really want.  Thank you so much.

Oh Great!!! Can we stand any more?  BP CAPS DIFFERENT WELL.  MORE LIES
Proof  -  BP Deepwater Horizon drilled two wells that blew out on Feb 13, and Aprl 20.  The cap everyone is so thankful for is actually on the FIRST well that BP blew up in Feb.  The large gusher is still pumping as we speak.
Well #1 Feb 13
Latitude 28.738132500000003
Longitude -88.36592777777777
Well#2 Apr 20
Latitude 28.73778527777778
Longitude -88.36682805555554
Use the above decimal mapping coordinates on the live marina map linked below.  As you move the map around, the coordinates change.  You will see where the ROVS are in relationship to the 2 well blowouts.
Marine Traffic

So, what else do we learn? For a while many were saying this man was lying, and not BP.  Well, I just can't believe anything out of the mouthes of BP people anymore.  But now, we really do have a serious problem, and the next video and audio will tell you what they are.

Audio of Christopher Landau with Jeff Rense

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States must stand up and be heard.  We must force our own goverment to do the right thing, and also force BP to do the right thing.  Please watch this video and spread the word.  

The public can't handle the truth?????? It's interesting to say the least, to know how competent and intelligent the government thinks "WE THE PEOPLE" they have sworn to lead and protect are.  Where does this fail in the protection part of their duties?  Just wondering what other people think.  Especially those who are living right on the coast in the immediate assault.

On another note, that this BP oil disaster has brought to the forefront, here is a well done video cartoon where the plot is real.  Please take action to make our environment safer for our children and families.
Take action  HERE  

What the media black out that BP enforced has covered up....... and what we must do now, and believe me, since I live down here, this unfathomable catastrophy is like a death in the family.  We all love the gulf, its inhabitants, the shorelines, and the sea air weather.  Our families, our past and our hopes for the future are here.  At least some of it is.  It is beyond heart wrenching sad.

We Found the missing oil and Blue Crabs!!!!!  It was really easy too.

HowTo Help With The Gulf Tragedy From Afar

To Help Children and Families Affected by The Gulf Oil Catastrophe GO HERE

To Help the Wildlife Affected By The Gulf Oil Catastrophe See What Is Needed HERE

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