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Although we are just starting out this year we have a lot of charity projects planned and a lot of charity ideas we want to realize.  Here are just a few of the works planned.

St Jude’s Hospital -- This hospital does whatever it takes to ensure that no child is ever turned away because of a family’s inability to pay.  Every child needing medical help is treated, and we want to not only provide an added assurance that their medical needs are met, we want to help the family deal with the impact of this medical crisis.  A sick child affects the family in many ways, some not even realized by the parents or siblings until after the fact.  Assisting with their needs is critical to keep the family intact, psychologically healthy, and sometimes financially sound so their futures can be joyfully attained.

Feed the Children – This charity has put a fleet of semi-tractor trailer trucks on the road to bring food and essentials to families suffering from the economic crisis.  They do this in all 50 states.  Every month we plan to partner with them and bring food and essentials to families of a randomly selected group, and go a step further with assisting these same families to gain a foothold in stabilization with work, housing, and education.  Families in distress will excel when given the tools to maintain their needs.  Most people don’t want hand outs, they want help.  There is a big difference between the two, and we really want to help so they really can realize their own joyful futures. 

Community Centers – You might think there are community centers everywhere, but there are areas that have absolutely nothing.  We want to help communities realize the potential for children by having a center for them to go and be part of the community.  A community center is a great place for adults and the older children to teach the younger children about sports, education, and charity.  We want to help implement programs that give children a safe and inspiring place to go, where they can be tutored, play sports, and learn how easy and wonderful it is to give to others.  In many communities it costs money to be on a sports team or be tutored, which precludes children whose parents can’t afford that expense.  We intend to help eliminate that discrimination with programs and activities that either remove or fund the necessary expenses.

Little Kids Rock -- Little Kids Rock is one of the leading instrument-providing charities in the U.S.  It has been shown that kids who play music are 52% more likely to go on to college.  It isn’t the idea that kids are better off if they go onto college, it is the idea that these kids have the desire to learn.  They have opened their minds and I believe in turn will help others to open their minds.  Many schools through budget cuts have eliminated music education.  We want to reverse that trend, and if we can’t get it back in the schools, then we’ll get it in the community centers.  It is said music soothes the soul, so what better way to get to the heart of things.

More information will be added to this on a regular basis, so please check back frequently.  Maybe there will be more that you will want to donate for or become involved with.

If you have a charity, idea, or area of need you would like to see us address, please send us a letter, an email or write in our blog.  We welcome all information, donations and volunteers.  Thanks everyone.  United we are strong. 

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